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Useful Information

Our Production

Raw material procurement and laboratory analysis Turkey ranks ninth in the world consumption of wheat. Each year about 20 million tons of wheat is obtained from among them we are scanning every region and we carefully choose wheat. Although the composition of wheat varies in kind and region, on the average; 2% water from 70% from carbohydrates 12% protein den 2% fat from From 2.2% cellulose and 1.8% ash it consists Tests are made acco

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Geography of Wheat

1559/5000 Şu dilden çevir: İngilizce In terms of the geographical distribution of wheat, there is intense farming between 30 and 60 north and between 27 and 40 south latitudes. There are varieties that can grow up to 5000 meters above sea level and very close to the poles from tropical regions. Deep clayey, loamy clayey lands are the best growing areas. The most favorable climatic demand is that the rainfall is usually 25-75 cm per year.

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The History of Wheat

The origin of wheat is certainly unknown. Besides, there are some sound proofs that Anatolia is scattered from arid areas, mountainous regions of Syria and Palestine. Especially in archeological excavations in Anatolia, Egypt and Iraq, coalized wheat grains were encountered. In Anatolian excavations, charred granules belonging to aestivum and compactum species were encountered in Alacahöyük and Alişarhöyük. In Alişarhöyük there is a small amount

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Yesterday's Today's Flour Industry

While grinding stones place their saddle stones, hand mills have been passing through water mills over time, and nowadays they are the world's oldest industries and the fastest examples of innovation. The common point of bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes and similar products is wheat flour and is the main food source of people. It has been found that the industrial world is a long-established history dating back ten thousand years.    When the his

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Grinding of wheat in stone mills

The stone mills are fixed at the bottom, two stone discs rotating at the top. They are usually made from grinding stone or other hard stones. Wheat is given continuously from the center and broken first in the middle parts of the stone, then it is diluted in the outer parts and taken as flour from the edges. In stone mills, the danenin shell is diluted together with the endosperm (starchy, floury) and embryo sections to form flour. Because the

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Laboratory Analysis

The impact of food on human health, especially today has become clear. We, as Derya Un. are fully aware that controls and inspections, which must be carried out effectively, is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to ensure the food safety.  Taking samples of wheat delievered to our mill, tests are performed according to the criterias given by international standards. physical analysis of wheat; -Hectoliter -Moisture -Gluten -Pr

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