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Our Production

Raw material procurement and laboratory analysis
Turkey ranks ninth in the world consumption of wheat. Each year about 20 million tons of wheat is obtained from among them we are scanning every region and we carefully choose wheat.
Although the composition of wheat varies in kind and region, on the average;
2% water from
70% from carbohydrates
12% protein den
2% fat from
From 2.2% cellulose and
1.8% ash
it consists

Tests are made according to the criteria given by international standards by taking samples from wheat coming from our factory. For this, extensograph and farinograph, gluten, sedimentation analyzes are done.
Depending on the type of wheat to be obtained, wheat is classified, classified and stored according to its species and characteristics.

Cleaning and milling of wheat
Wheat must be cleaned before it is planted. Wastes such as stalk, straw, stone and garbage from the fields in the first clearing pass through the separator. The wheat is then purified again from foreign materials such as soil and sand in the cleaning area where the noble cleaning will be done. The wheat continues in various processes to obtain the required softness for a certain period of time in the annealing and reclamation silos. Wheat taken to the grinding section is pumped with air pressure (pneumatic) into flour by grinding.
At the same time, milled products that are outside the flour are also separated as bran and feed.

Quality control
The final product passes through the laboratory process without leaving the factory, and the farinograph and extensograph determine the dough resistance, elasticity and energy, as well as gluten, sedimentation analyzes. The breads made in parallel with these studies approve the quality of our products again.

After the quality approval of the laboratory, the packaging of our products takes place in fully automatic and hygienic conditions, loaded and ready for you.