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Grinding of wheat in stone mills

The stone mills are fixed at the bottom, two stone discs rotating at the top. They are usually made from grinding stone or other hard stones.
Wheat is given continuously from the center and broken first in the middle parts of the stone, then it is diluted in the outer parts and taken as flour from the edges.
In stone mills, the danenin shell is diluted together with the endosperm (starchy, floury) and embryo sections to form flour.
Because they are not separated from each other, the ash amounts of flour obtained from stone mills are high, their color is dark and their bread quality is low. It also does not bloom to the desired extent.
With the help of a sieve placed on the bottom of the stone mills, the quality of the flour can be increased by separating a part of the rough end.
The flour obtained from the stone mills is more powerful. If these flours are kept at room temperature for a long time (8-10 months), there is pain and other negative developments. For this reason stone mill flour should be consumed in a short time