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Geography of Wheat

Şu dilden çevir: İngilizce
In terms of the geographical distribution of wheat, there is intense farming between 30 and 60 north and between 27 and 40 south latitudes. There are varieties that can grow up to 5000 meters above sea level and very close to the poles from tropical regions. Deep clayey, loamy clayey lands are the best growing areas. The most favorable climatic demand is that the rainfall is usually 25-75 cm per year.

Cultivated varieties of wheat with economic and commercial designation are included in the botanical side.

1-Triticum aestivum
2-Triticum status
3-Ttiticum compactum

The quality differences between species and varieties determine the intended use of the flour obtained.

Triticum aestivum species, which are the most widely grown among the three species in terms of color, hardness, softness, resistance to freeze-disease-diseases, ripening period, Wheat varieties belonging to to durum wheat, durum wheat varieties belonging to the triticum compactum species are also biscuit wheat.