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Çandaroğulları Derya Un ve Yem San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Çandaroğulları Derya Mill is a flour milling company with two mill locations in Balıkesir-Turkey and Manisa-Turkey. With a strong commitment to quality control and food safety compliance, Derya flour mill has a 23-year history of serving commercial bakeries, retail grocers and food service distributors in Turkey. From whole wheat flour to all purpose and self-rising flours, Derya Mill delivers a range of products and packaging solutions.

Across all of our flour and by products and milling services, one thing remains the same: our commitment to quality and food safety

To acommodate the different needs of our customers, our two mills produce a wide variety of flours to meet the needs of bakers and distributors Derya mill offers a wide range of packaging sizes, too. With our two mill locations across west Turkey we are able to facilitate convenient delivery of our products with short lead times.

Our mission is;
With in the framework of vision we have stated; as aninnovate,participative,Enterepteneur and creative establishment, to increase the development adn prosperity of our nation.

Our vision is;
To maintain and improve the quality,
To follow and implement the innovation in dynamic and globalized world,
To see our costumers' perspective,
To Keep our costumes satisfaction at the highest level.

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Turket is ranked as nineth accross the world with her wheat production. Every year travelling around the regions, we pick the highest quality wheat delicately amongst 20 million tons of wheat produced.